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Saving time, saving money, preventing bad takes and frustration, and staying on schedule are just some of the benefits of using teleprompters for video production. Keeping a production on schedule and on budget can mean the difference between a healthy profit and costly overtime charges and frustrated clients.

Just about every Director has a horror story about talent that just couldn't remember their lines. Even professional talent have off days or, if the shoot is long with many set ups, become fatiqued and lose focus. If you are dealing with amatuer talent the problems can bring a shooting schedule to a screaching halt. These types of problems can become compounded if the script is technical in nature or requires precise language to meet legal or government requirements.

If your talent can depend on their script being available in the lens or at eye level, they can focus their efforts on giving you their best performance – with the subtle nuances you want to add credence to your written script. You will have the time necessary to hone their delivery into a performance that gives your script maximum impact. You save time and money and the finished product is better as well. Teleprompters can turn a bad situation into a win–win outcome for everyone involved.

The Right Tool...

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Teleprompters have evolved right along with the newest digital camera technology. Gone are the days of heavy CRT's that required massive tripods to carry the additional weight of a decent sized teleprompter. Now, teleprompters feature LCD screens which are lighter in weight, more portable and with a wider selection of screen sizes avaiable. Camera mounts have become less bulky as well and complement the advances of more compact and lighter digital cameras.

Screens can be mounted below the lens, above the lens, or attached to stands for off camera prompting. Need to shoot exteriors, special "High Brite" systems make that possible now. Want your interviewer to appear in the lens – that's available as well. Units designed specifically for mounting on jibs are available with special light weight sleds and wireless video transmission to the system. There are even units that can turn an Ipad into a teleprompter for close in work or when maximum weight savings are needed for handheld rigs.

Austin Ashley & Company has the tools and expertise to make teleprompting a valuable asset for your production. Call or contact us now to learn how you can leverage this tool to make your productions more profitable and to provide your clients with the best possible product.

Live Event Teleprompting...

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Whether it is a news conference, a corporate event or an organinized political event, the proper planning and logistical support for your live event can help insure that your intended message and "must airs" will quickly reach your desired audience.

Public speaking is a task that can generate a sense of dread in even the most accomplished professional. A teleprompter will not instantly turn you into a great presenter but it can definitely reduce the fear factor associated with public speaking. Just knowing that your script or notes will be visible at eye level throughout your presentation can go a long way towards reducing the stress of public speaking.

Live events have the additional pressure of only having one chance to get it right. Audiences today expect flawless execution and you can bet that your clients do as well. From a simple set up that requires a presidential system to a complicated stage show that requires large down stage monitors, on camera systems and presidential systems; all with redundant feeds – Austin Ashley & Company has the tools and expertise to deliver the flawless execution you expect and demand. Call or contact us today to see how you can put this tool to work for you!

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