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"What exactly is a teleprompter?" A teleprompter is a device, either camera mounted or free standing, that visually prompts on-camera talent or a live presenter through the use of video monitors and beam splitter glass mirrors. A prepared script or other reference materials are projected so that only the presenter can see them.

From the brief technical desciption above, a teleprompter would seem to be a distraction for your audience. In fact, they are very unobtrusive and their use is so common that most people are completely unaware of or overlook their presence.

For Example...

High Brite System

The next time the President gives a televised address to a live audience, look for the two pieces of glass set at 45 degree angles on either side of the podium. That is the visible part of a teleprompter. The audience sees two pieces of transparent glass while the President is seeing his script scroll up the glass – at a speed perfectly paced to follow his delivery. That is a podium style or free standing teleprompter being put to use.

Ever wonder how your local news anchors memorize all the information they provide on the six o'clock news? They don't have to memorize anything because they are using camera mounted teleprompters. The camera lens is shooting through the beam splitter mirror and the newscaster is reading their script as it scrolls up the other side of the mirror.

It's a Tool...

Public speaking is a task that can generate a sense of dread in even the most accomplished professional. A teleprompter will not instantly turn you into a great presenter but it can definitely reduce the fear factor associated with public speaking. Just knowing that your script or notes will be visible at eye level throughout your presentation can go a long way towards reducing the stress of public speaking.

Public speaking, when done well, is a true art form that only gets better with practice. There are no substitutes for knowing your subject matter and how best to convey that message to your audience. A teleprompter is a tool to make your job easier and should never be used as a substitute for thorough preparation and rehearsal. That being said, teleprompters are being used by some of the best presenters in the world... but only as a tool and never as a crutch. Call or contact us today to see how you can put this tool to work for you!

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