Media Event Planning...


Whether it is a news conference, a corporate announcement or an organinized political event, the proper planning and logistical support for your media event can help insure that your intended message and "must airs" will quickly reach your desired audience.

"Can't we just pick up the phone, contact the news media and tell them when and where to show up?" Of course you can, but by relying on chance and not controlling the logistics of your event, you lose a golden opportunity to provide the best possible conduit for your message to reach your target audience.

By making your event media friendly, you can help insure better attendance and coverage for your important message. Austin Ashley & Company understands the deadline constraints and media requirements that can make–or break–a successful event. From audio re-enforcement and professional lighting, to video news releases provided in the proper formats, Austin Ashley & Company can provide the planning and expertise to make your event a success.

Media Event Logistical Support...

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With over twenty five years experience in the broadcast and video production industry, our staff can design an event package that will satisfy both the needs of the media and your budget restraints. Media training for your presenters, presidential teleprompting systems and professional projection systems are just a few of the services we can provide to give your presentation that added punch to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With our experience and contacts in the production community, we can put together a team of trained professionals to handle any presentation requirement. Call or contact us today to discuss your next media event!

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